You are glorious. Go ahead and revel in it!
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Crown your head with a reminder to REVEL.
Our philosophy for learning how to REVEL in the everyday.
You are glorious. Go ahead and revel in it!
Our philosophy for learning how to REVEL in the everyday.
Momentum MOJO a live masterclass series from Misty Bradley Monday, August 14th, 21st, & 28th If you’re ready to design your best, most revel-worthy life, you may be ready for this masterclass series on how to turn fleeting motivation into Momentum MOJO. When you lose your steam, life can feel lackluster and uninspired. But when you are living your MOJO, you’re owning that quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy.   If you’re feeling stuck in the mundane, Momentum MOJO will create a guiding pathway to follow your goals with confidence that you are blazing the right trail for you.   During this masterclass, you will:

- get clear on goals that align with your deepest desires


- choose guiding words and write affirmations that inspire confidence


- make a strategic action plan


- create a support system and learn tricks for follow through


- learn to turn motivation into momentum

  Momentum MOJO is a series of three 90-minute classes via video conference. Each class will conclude with Q+A. You will receive a Momentum MOJO manual (pdf) and access to a private Facebook group for support from Misty and others in the class.   Masterclass 1 - Monday, August 14th TAPPING INTO THE POWER OF ALIGNMENT + AFFIRMATION Masterclass 2 - Monday, August 21st MAGIC MOMENTS MAKE MOMENTUM MOJO Masterclass 3 - Monday, August 28th TURNING MOTIVATION INTO MOMENTUM   Get three 90-minute classes, the Momentum MOJO manual, and access to the private Facebook group   BONUS! When you join Momentum MOJO, you will receive the we are the REVELERS guide: 25 Ways To Revel More and Regret Less.