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A podcast to celebrate the creative spirit
+ romance the ordinary
+ revel in all life’s messy glory.

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Randy Bradley | we are the REVELERS podcast

RANDY – Husband. Father. VP/Creative Director. Soccer Coach. Movie Lover. Olympic Obsessive. Design Enthusiast. Foodie. Lyric Flubber. Podcaster. – Randy’s Site


MISTY – Wife. Mother. Photographer. Cheerleader. Singer. Songwriter. Culinary Adventurer. Style Zealot. Idea Generator. Mermaid. Podcaster. – Misty’s Site

Misty Bradley


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We’re two creatives trying to revel in all life’s messy glory.
For us, that means marriage, parenting, juggling our work as a VP/Creative Director for a well-known advertising agency in OKC & a professional photographer, and other creative ventures.

We crave time and space to create meaningful, mind-blowing work while being the amazing partners and parents we hope to be. Yet we often find ourselves steeped in conflicting schedules, overloaded to-do lists, family squabbles, mountains of laundry and all the other stuff of life.

We long to be full of joy and wonder and “what the #$%#!? that was awesome!” but sometimes we’re just tired and bored of the mundane.  So we’re on a mission to romance the ordinary and revel in all the bits of glorious lining the insides of our lives. We’re betting there are lots of you out there just like us.  We’re chatting about work and play, marriage, parenting, culture, art, inspiration, and getting the most mileage out of life. Join the party.

we are the REVELERS


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