We’re redeeming weird and laying it down as gospel, weird is wonderful. We discuss how we all should embrace our weird but first we have to find our freak unique. Unfortunately, we may have hidden it so long, we aren’t sure where to find it. Time to go digging through the clues.

We peek into the science of laughter & explore a swarm of ideas on how to have more laughes as we are adding the pursuit of laughter to our vacation plans.

There’s a lot to fit into the rest of our summer to feel like we squeezed every last drop of goodness from it. Wishing you lots of hot fun in the summer time!

If you’re struggling to reach your goals, you need to know how to tap into your momentum mojo. Motivation waxes and wanes, it pops up here and there, and can often seem to be found nowhere. But momentum is a sustainable force that propels you forward.