Authenticity may be a buzzword that has lost a bit of its punch. But being genuine, honest, and loyal isn’t going out of style. Why is honesty so important; especially self-honesty? We’ve got to get real to get happy.

We are inspired w/ Caitlin L. Horton and her experimental approach, how she gets so much done, and her free 30-Day Focused Brand Challenge.

He may have a dark sense of humor but Alex Stephenson knows something about staying where the light is. As a behavioral therapist who works in a hospital, Alex meets people at their most vulnerable, sometimes wild, and often darkest hours. Alex juggles this full-time job that makes such a huge difference in people’s lives with a creative pursuit that has him writing AND illustrating his own comic Narcolepsy Incorporated & several children's books.

Lindsay teaches us that food is the portal to all good stories because “cooking is the story of your neighbourhood, your friends, your family, your travels and the ingredients you use, all woven together to tell a story – a food love story.”